Trauma Expert Breaks Down Chrissy Teigen's News That She Wants More Kids

In an interview with People magazine, model Chrissy Teigen opened up about wanting to have more kids. She and her husband John Legend are parents to two children, Luna and Miles, and found out that they were expecting a third child in the summer of 2020. The couple announced their pregnancy in the sweetest way, cradling Teigen's baby bump at the very end of Legend's "Wild" music video, according to Today. A few weeks later, Teigen experienced some bleeding and needed to be put on bedrest, but things got serious very quickly and she ended up being hospitalized, according to the LA Times. A short while later, Teigen and Legend received the devastating news that they had lost their baby at 20 weeks. 

Teigen shared the news with the world by posting several emotional photos to Instagram along with a heartbreaking caption about baby Jack. A couple of months later, Teigen shared the news that she would never be pregnant again. "I love being pregnant, so so much, and I'm sad I never will be again," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. In the April 12, 2021, issue of People, Teigen opened up about potentially wanting to grow her family, either by way of a surrogate or by adoption. Nicki Swift caught up with trauma specialist and psychologist Dr. Karol Darsa to discuss the emotions that Teigen has been going through. Keep reading to see what Dr. Darsa had to say.

Chrissy Teigen's inability to get pregnant again is emotional

Dr. Karol Darsa talked to Nicki Swift about the "emotional impact" that pregnancy loss has on women, and explained that while it varies depending on the woman, it "needs to be acknowledged that there is physical and emotional pain after pregnancy loss." She went on to say that "self-blame is common with pregnancy loss and will typically impact a woman's sense of self. For example, they may ruminate on things they could have done to prevent the loss. In turn, they will blame themselves." 

Dr. Darsa stressed that there is "no timeline" when it comes to grief. And, not only has Chrissy Teigen gone through the traumatic experience and the sadness that comes with losing a child, but she has also had to cope with the fact that she cannot get pregnant again in the future. Nicki Swift asked Dr. Darsa about this, too. "Having children is a biological urge and a need for many women. Losing a pregnancy means losing a child. Finding out that one may never carry a child again may even mean losing womanhood," she explained. Read on to find out what Dr. Darsa had to say about Teigen being open to having more children.

If Chrissy Teigen and John Legend grow their family, it could help them further heal

Chrissy Teigen opening up to People magazine about wanting to grow her family suggests that she is coping with the loss. Dr. Karol Darsa tells Nicki Swift that if Teigen has an opportunity to have a child via surrogacy or adoption, "it could be very healing for the person as well as for the whole family." Dr. Darsa went on to say that "many women after such terrible loss may feel disconnected from themselves because of depression," and that "having another child will be a true blessing in helping them find themselves again." Dr. Darsa acknowledges that the grieving process is completely normal, and that Teigen and Legend's kids undoubtedly helped them get through this challenging time. However, if they ultimately choose to welcome a new life into their lives, it can further "help ease some of the pain of this loss." 

For anyone going through this, Dr. Darsa stresses that the grieving process "will look different" for each individual person. " Acknowledge your pain, accept that your emotions and feelings will come in waves and at unexpected times, seek support whether it be from your family, friends, partner, or a professional, and take care of your physical body as you support yourself emotionally," she says.