Is This The Issue William Will Focus On When Charles Is King?

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their positions as full-time working members of the royal family for sunnier days in Southern California, the royal spotlight has been on Prince William and Kate Middleton and, of course, what roles they will play in the monarchy's future. Behind the scenes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are two people who take their humanitarian causes seriously and are working to make the world a better place with their new environmental project, the Earthshot Prize. Royal photographer Chris Jackson says Kate is proud of the work husband William put in to make the first Earthshot event a success in October. "The Duchess obviously felt really proud of what [Prince William] had achieved with this project. Seeing first-hand this realization of this huge amount of work for him. It was a really special evening," he told People.

And while climate issues seem to be on the forefront of William's mind, much like they are for his father, Prince Charles, it looks like the father-of-three will be taking on a completely different focus when his father becomes king. 

Prince William will focus on helping the homeless when Prince Charles becomes king

According to People, Prince William will most likely continue to work closely with experts to help bring awareness to climate change issues, but he will also have another major task on his hands. 

When his father Prince Charles becomes the King of England, William will inherit a new title — Prince of Wales — and will reportedly use royal properties to help the homeless in the U.K. The royal is apparently already looking into the matter, as he's asked his royal staff to find out more information on how buildings that belong to the Duchy of Cornwall can be used to help the homeless population. One source close to the situation even told The Telegraph, "The Duke is interested in finding ways to help alleviate the homelessness situation in any way he can."

In the 2019 documentary "Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall," William even stated that he was already looking ahead as to what he plans on doing with the Duchy once he inherits it. "Well, rest assured I'm not going to rock the boat; I'll do much the same as what my father's doing. I'm not so into the architecture — that's the only thing," he offered at the time. A prince that plans on working to help protect the planet's future while also taking on important matters of the present? Now that's a royal everyone can stand behind in support.